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Privacy Policy

The company Riccardo Maranzana Architecture & Design Sagl, based in Lugano-Pregassona, does not collect personal data of users arriving on the website

The data controller is
Riccardo Maranzana Architecture & Design Sagl
Via Arbostra 21 - 6963 Lugno-Pregassona - Switzerland.

We do not collect any data on the website.
We do not provide any online services for which it is necessary to collect data.
We do not use cookies, nor do we track user behaviour on our site.
There are no links to other websites or use of external services.
We do not use automated decision-making processes or profiling methods.

The only method of contacting us is to write to us by email or reach us by phone.
In this case we keep the names of those who contact us.
However, every user has the right to access personal data and receive a copy, the right to rectification, and the right to request cancellation.


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